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Quick start ‚Äč


The Sunodo CLI is deprecated in favor of the new Cartesi CLI tool. Please refer to the Cartesi documentation for the most up-to-date information. If you have a Sunodo application and need to migrate to a Cartesi CLI application refer to the migration guide.

The following commands will get you started with a javascript project, build a Cartesi machine and run a local node for the application:

cartesi create my-app --template javascript
cd my-app
cartesi build
cartesi run

This will run an anvil node as a local blockchain, and the GraphQL service and Inspect Service.

Other project templates are available, and contributions are always welcome.

For details on creating applications check the creating application section. For details on the build process of the application check the building application section. For details on the execution of the local node check the running application section.