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Customizing the build


The Sunodo CLI is deprecated in favor of the new Cartesi CLI tool. Please refer to the Cartesi documentation for the most up-to-date information. If you have a Sunodo application and need to migrate to a Cartesi CLI application refer to the migration guide.

The build process of a Cartesi application is guided by a Dockerfile which is part of the application code, and can be customized as any Dockerfile, as long as the final stage of a multi-stage build produces a linux/riscv64 docker image.

The default multi-stage build target is the last one, but can be customized with the --target option of the cartesi build command.

The cartesi build command calls docker buildx build under the hood, and there are many docker options that are not exposed by the cartesi CLI. In case the user needs advanced docker options he can build the linux/riscv64 Docker image himself, and call cartesi build with the --from-image option to specify the name or sha of the image he built manually.


The Cartesi machine created by the Cartesi CLI uses 128Mb of RAM by default. This can be customized by setting the io.cartesi.rollups.ram_size Docker label in the final image, like the one below:

LABEL io.cartesi.rollups.ram_size=128Mi