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Becoming a Validator


This is still under development and will be available in a future release.

The following diagram illustrates the deployment system implemented by Sunodo.

Deployment overview

Any person or institution who wants to become a validator must follow the steps below:

  1. Create a PayableDAppFactory using the PayableDAppSystem.
  2. Setup a Kubernetes Cluster for hosting application nodes.

Creating a PayableDAppFactory

The deployment of an application is done through the newInstance method of a PayableDAppFactory smart contract. Each validator must have its own instance of PayableDAppFactory.

A new instance can be created by calling the newPayableDAppFactory method of the PayableDAppSystem smart contract, which requires three parameters:

  • IERC20 token: the address of the ERC-20 token to be used as payment for the application execution;
  • IConsensus consensus: the address of the consensus smart contract to be used by the application, typically an Authority contract;
  • uint256 price: the fixed price of the application execution, in tokens per second.

If the validator does not have an Authority contract yet one must be created using the AuthorityFactory smart contract.

Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster

The validator must first setup a Kubernetes cluster. In theory, any cloud provider that has support for Kubernetes can be used, including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, DigitalOcean DOKS, Vultr VKE.

The only one that has been tested was AWS EKS. If you have any problems with a different one get in touch.

After setting up a cluster two applications must be installed:

  • Cartesi Operator
  • Sunodo Controller

The diagram below shows the Kubernetes cluster in detail.


Installing Cartesi Operator

The Cartesi operator is responsible for launching Cartesi rollups nodes for appplications by watching a Kubernetes CRD.


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Setting up the Cartesi Operator


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Installing Sunodo Controller

The Sunodo controller's job is to watch an specific PayableDAppFactory contract and create Kubernetes CRDs for each application that is deployed and properly funded.

sunodo controller
sunodo controller


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Setting up the Controller


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